Please answer a few questions about how your community or agency might use SB 2 funds. We’ll get back to you to talk about next steps.

  1. How familiar are you and/or your agency with SB 2 and its funding possibilities?
  2. Very familiarSomewhat familiarNot very familiarI wasn't previously aware of SB 2

  3. Please select the types of projects and services your agency is interested in pursuing for possible state funding under SB 2 (select all that apply):
  4. Targeted General Plan AmendmentHousing Element UpdateHousing Policies & ProgramsSpecific PlanZoning Code UpdateInclusionary Housing OrdinanceEnvironmental ClearanceSustainable Community StrategiesSupport for Public‐Private CollaborationsSite‐Specific Master PlanFinancing StrategiesPro Forma AnalysesHousing Feasibility AnalysesCommunity OutreachDesign GuidelinesOther: (fill in the blank)

  5. What type of assistance might your agency need regarding SB 2(check all that apply)?
  6. Identification and analysis of potentially eligible projects and strategic partners.Assistance with the SB 2 funding applications.Understanding the potential implications of SB 2 and other bills in the 2017 Housing Package.Completing planning and design projects.

  7. What kind of agency do you work for?
  8. City or townCountyCouncil of governments / regional planning agencyOther: (specify)





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